Overseas Owners

Halcyon House will forward any overseas mail at the current rate if requested.

The Inland Revenue has special rules regarding the collection of tax on rental income if you are a landlord who is a resident overseas, or you subsequently move abroad. If you fall into this category it is your responsibility to obtain a Tax approval number form the Inland Revenue. The relevant form and guidance notes can be down loaded from the above website. Until that approval number NRL1 we are legally obliged to deduct tax from your rental income at the prevailing rate which is currently 20%. This money is forwarded to the Inland Revenue on a quarterly basis. If you are not accepted into the Non Resident Landlord Scheme and we deduct tax from your lettings income we shall make a reasonable administration charge per quarter for preparing the quarterly return, your certificate of tax deducted and forwarding monies to the Inland Revenue. If the tenant pays you direct and he has not received approval from the Inland Revenue to pay the rent gross he must deduct tax and forward that to the Inland Revenue on your behalf. No person is exempt from this scheme.